Problem with random sort order using Linq-to-Entities

Developers who were talking to me in the past few weeks should have mentioned, that I’m impressed by a technique called LINQ (Language INtegrated Query). This is a feature of .NET and provides the possibility to use SQL like statement in your „normal“ source code. This is very useful, because it enabled the developer to drive powerful selections on data which is in-memory or in other words objects. LINQ comes with a generic interface called IQueryable, which supports all necessary functions for selecting, ordering, querying, etc.

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First steps with ASP.NET MVC – Part 1

I would like to write down my personal first experiences with ASP.NET MVC here and for all developers out there who are going to have such a first look into MVC with ASP.NET too, I’m writing that in English.

This article (and the series around it built step by step) is not intended to be a professional introduction to ASP.NET MVC. There are several websites giving very nice tutorials. But when I startet developing my first ASP.NET MVC website, there were some things most often in detail I had problems with and this is exactly the point. I’ll give a personal view on the experiences with ASP.NET MVC and maybe this helps one or another developer later.

In this first part I would like to state some notes on the MVC design pattern and the main difference(s) compared to „classic“ ASP.NET web applications. (mehr …)