Überhaupt, mal so nebenbei gefragt: Was …

Überhaupt, mal so nebenbei gefragt: Was ist eigentlich mit SmartShopping los? Auf der Hauptdomain der Versuch die neue Seite zu launchen, funzt nicht. Dafür hat man die FAQ-Domain umgestellt auf die neue Seite. Funktioniert da auch. Aber sollte die nicht zu den FAQs linken? Mh… Das ist wirklich sehr dubios.

First steps with ASP.NET MVC – Part 1

I would like to write down my personal first experiences with ASP.NET MVC here and for all developers out there who are going to have such a first look into MVC with ASP.NET too, I’m writing that in English.

This article (and the series around it built step by step) is not intended to be a professional introduction to ASP.NET MVC. There are several websites giving very nice tutorials. But when I startet developing my first ASP.NET MVC website, there were some things most often in detail I had problems with and this is exactly the point. I’ll give a personal view on the experiences with ASP.NET MVC and maybe this helps one or another developer later.

In this first part I would like to state some notes on the MVC design pattern and the main difference(s) compared to „classic“ ASP.NET web applications. (mehr …)